Koth Maren

Bothan male. Former team mate of the party. An expert with bombs and computers. Also crazy.


Koth is a Bothan Bounty hunter and mercenary who used to be a member of the party. He partnered up with Warren Spitz and Lobocca and later joined with the Jedi Dexen, Oro Trapbar, and Blakes character, and the Force Adept Romara to do missions for the Jedi Council.

Koth was a tech expert, he was great at building things and figuring out how things work. His focus was bombs and computers. He had the ability to hack into almost anything and was DEADLY with explosives. He used explosives excessively with out concern for the safety of bystanders, his party members or himself. He was also the groups 2nd best pilot behind Warren Spitz. After Warren’s death he became the groups go to pilot.

Koth Maren

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