Tag: Gammoria


  • Amahana Pax

    While on Gammoria hunting, the party tracked down Amahana's bounty as part of an effort to establish a reputation as bounty hunters. After capturing her, they found out that she had left the sith after they murdered her friend. Amhana agreed to work …

  • Belpin

    A Bith who runs a visor kiosk on Gammoria. A contact of Fassir, he helped the party with information while they were trying to infiltrate Gammon's palace on Gammor.

  • Gammon (Deceased)

    A Gamorrean Crime Lord, who dealt in drugs, weapons, and primarily slaves. He was seeking revenge on the party, who broke into his palace, caused massive property damage, freed several of his slaves, and killed his son and several of his employees in …