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Mission Summary November 18th 2013

Three of the party members Nira Ravendale Romara, and Braddix take out and collect on the bounty of four dangerous trandoshan criminals.

Then Romara and Nira Ravendale accept a mission from the senator. The senator is being black mailed by a call girl, a twilek named Jaina Tairo. She is black mailing him on behalf of a Gamorian crime boss named Gammon (Deceased) who is doing this on behalf of the Gamorian government, because the senator is trying to uncover some shady doings the Gamorian government is doing, involving the hostile take over of Twilekian colonies.

Romara and Nira convinced Jaina to help them and offered her protection by hiding her in their underground orphanage.

They found out that Gammon lives on the Gamorian homeworld and is staying there currently. They need him to come to Corruscant so they can take him out and get the photos of the senator back. But he will probably only come back if his operations on Corruscant are disrupted. The party plans to disrupt his operations on Corruscant to lure him away from Gammoria.

Gammon’s operations on Corruscant involve an illegal gambling hall, the buying of weapons, selliing drugs, and his largest operation buying and selling sex slaves.

The party found out where the slaves are being held, which is in a fortified compound/casino in downtown Corruscant.

Also Romara and Nira Ravendale started construction on there
orphanage underground. In two months it will be 80% complete they will have to
pay 5k plus 3k-6k in hazard pay to finish the rest.


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